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"I came with a sense that a major life change was stirring. Wayfinding helped me consider this change from a number of different perspectives and clarify the terrain. I'm completing the Wayfinding process with a better sense of how to support this change moving in my life.  Jonathan was an incredible guide on the path, embodying knowledge, collaboration, kindness, and curiosity."  - Ryushin

Wayfinding is a modality to help you gain insight into yourself and your circumstances, and to reconnect with a sense of direction and purpose.


Drawing on an array of eclectic tools, Wayfinding sits somewhere between coaching and counseling. It's best suited to those who are open to intuitive methods and the remarkable ability of the seemingly random to shed light on the issues we face. 

In this way, Wayfinding allow guidance and insight to come through when they're most needed. Along the way, you learn to hone your own intuitive capacities as well

Wayfinding helps you align yourself with what is, and become a more informed and empowered creator of what will be.  

Consider Wayfinding If You're Facing:


     A Big Life Decision: Job Opportunity, Buying/Selling a House, etc.

     Thorny Questions of the Heart

     Career Path Discernment

     Feelings of Stuckness 

Loss of Purpose or Direction

Desire for Self-Knowledge

An Expanded Intuitive Toolkit

















"I'm a therapist and teacher, and I've met a lot of people in the world of healing arts. I keep coming back to Jonathan because I've never met someone else like him or with his skillset. If I'm mulling over a move or leaving a job, I will do a session with him. He's not there to tell me what to do. Instead, he helps me consult the universe and get that mirroring feedback that I'm looking for, that last percentage of clarity I need in order to feel confident about the next big choice."     - Timothy

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