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Wayfinding & Jyotish

The I Ching (Yijing) is an ancient Chinese technology for orienting to the cosmos and catching a glimpse of the unseen
The Jyotish (Vedic astrological) chart is another major Wayfinding tool

"I came with a sense that a major life change was stirring. Wayfinding helped me consider this change from a number of different perspectives and clarify the terrain. I'm completing the Wayfinding process with a better sense of how to support this change moving in my life.  Jonathan was an incredible guide on the path, embodying knowledge, collaboration, kindness, and curiosity."  - Ryushin

We're all always in transition to some degree, such is the human condition. But when we find ourselves at a bigger crossroads, it can be time to consult the maps, get out the compass, look to the stars as well as to the terrain at our feet. 


Built around an eclectic set of tools, Wayfinding is a set of tools to help you gain insight and perspective, so you can understand where you're at and orient to where you're headed. It's not quite coaching, not quite counseling, but has elements of both, along with elements not typically found in either.


Vedic astrology (Jyotish) is a major part of the Wayfinding toolkit, and in most cases an initial Wayfinding session involves a look at your natal chart. More broadly, Wayfinding draws on divination and wisdom traditions from across cultures, marrying the spiritual with the pragmatic in order to deliver insights you can put right to work in your life.


Wayfinding is especially well-suited to those who are facing a crossroads or an impasse. As part of the process, you'll also hone your own intuitive capacities and learn intuitive methods you can draw on over a lifetime. 

Consider Wayfinding & Jyotish If You're Facing:


     A Major Life Decision: Job Opportunity, Buying/Selling a House, etc.

     Career Path Discernment

     Feeling Stuck in Life or Work 

Loss of Purpose or Direction

Desire for Greater Self-Knowledge

Wish to Flow with Life's Currents Instead of Struggling Against

Seeking an Expanded Intuitive Toolkit








How It Works


Wayfinding typically takes place over 3-7 sessions and 1-2 months. It starts with an hour-long Jyotisha session so you can test the waters and get a feel. If you decide it's a good fit, we'll create a custom package to support you in exactly the ways that are needed. In some cases this can include support from East Asian Medicine modalities (e.g. customized herbal formulations). 


Jyotish Readings

Jyotish is a living, lineage-based astrological wisdom tradition of India. Since delving into this art and science, I have given it pride of place as the primary tool in the Wayfinding kit.


In addition to engaging with Jyotish through Wayfinding, Jyotish readings are also available as stand-alone sessions.   However, for a deeper dive, it is recommended to do a set of 3 Jyotish sessions in order to address multiple areas of enquiry. 

Think of the natal chart like a hologram. Incredibly information-dense, it yields different insights depending on the questions we approach it with. For best results, it helps to limit question areas to one per session. 

"I'm a therapist and teacher, and I've met a lot of people in the world of healing arts. I keep coming back to Jonathan because I've never met someone else like him or with his skillset. If I'm mulling over a move or leaving a job, I will do a session with him. He's not there to tell me what to do. Instead, he helps me consult the universe and get that mirroring feedback that I'm looking for, that last percentage of clarity I need in order to feel confident about the next big choice."     - Timothy

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