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Patient Resources


  - Khichari (easily digestive, tasty one-pot meal)

  - Congee

  - Ghee (clarified butter) 


    - Insomnia: types and approaches to treatment 

    - Why-Arrow and the Wounded Heal (on Yarrow, the I Ching and initiatory wounds)

    - Four Little Needles (on Acupuncture)

    - The Disreputable Art of Divination

Books on Food and Eating:

    - The Slow-Down Diet by Marc David (a sane approach to food, not a diet book)

    - Nourishing Wisdom by Marc David 

I Ching / Yijing:

    -Online Clarity site

    -Liu Ming's Zhouyi: The Heart of the Yijing 

    -Hexagram key and hexagrams (includes multiple translations for reference)

Chinese Medicine Study:

    - Between Heaven and Earth by Harriet Beinfield (intro book on Chinese Medicine)

    - White Pine Circle (for practitioners)

    - (herbal practitioners and general interest)

    - (herbal practitioners)


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