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The Delicate Bookworm: A Brief Guide to Thriving as a Sensitive Human (coming soon)


  - Khichari (easily digestive, tasty one-pot meal)

  - Ghee (clarified butter)

Selected Writings



"Probable Future Tension: Reflections on Nepali Time." Leon Literary Review, issue #2, May 2020.

"What if the Virus is the Medicine?" (with Julia Hartsell). Kosmos Journal, Spring 2020.

"Effing the Ineffable: Mimetic Strategies in Revelatory Fiction." Warren Wilson College MFA Thesis, Jan 2020.

"Why-Arrow and the Wounded Heal." Numen Naturae, vol. 1: The Magician's Wand, Sept 2016.

"The Web of Maria: The Sticky Side of Cannabis."

"Healing at the Crossroads of the Heart. "NUNM Masters Thesis, 2014.