Remote Sessions and Herbal Consultation


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Supplemented by educational counseling and dietary recommendations, herbal medicine is my #1 tool for helping sensitive folks attain more robust health and overcome all manner of sensitive-person complaints. Actually, scratch that "overcome"--disease is rarely an enemy to be vanquished. It's more often an imbalance to be adjusted, an out-of-tuneness to be harmonized. Every body is different, which is why herbal formulas should be customized.


If you've taken herbs before and been underwhelmed: it's probably because you were taking a one-size-fits-all product designed to exploit a market segment. (In fact, if you spend more than about $75 a month on supplements, working with me may save you money since I'll help you eliminate products that aren't well-suited for your body. ) The formula that you'll receive after our consultation is different from anything pre-packaged. It's a fine-tuned, custom-tailored medicine rooted in ancient wisdom, designed to meet your system where it's at and move it towards greater harmony. 

Maybe you're thinking, 'okay, but is it going to taste terrible?' Actually, sensitive people tend to love their herbs. (This is partly because delicate constitutions usually need sweeter, spicier medicinals as opposed to bitter ones.) But what they love even more is the way their herbs make them feel: Grounded. Solid. Calm. Resourced. Vital. These herbs help strengthen delicate, airy folks' constitutions, leaving them stronger, without compromising their superpowers, dulling mental clarity or causing side effects

Here's How the Process Looks. 

Before our consult, you spend about 25 minutes filling out some basic health information and signing a consent to treatment form (see bottom of page for form links). Then we have an initial call of about 45 minutes. During that time I'll ask some questions and mostly do a lot of listening as you tell me what it's like to be you. After the call, while working out your formula, I'll often reach back out via email (or text, if preferred) with a few follow-up questions. 

Then I formulate and ship your herbs. I also send customized written recommendations in a personalized letter. These cover diet--emphasis is on what's nourishing and grounding, not so much on eliminating lots of things (unless you're living on soda and candy, which case--we've got work to do). They also cover anything else I feel is relevant to your health and life situation. I also provide educational materials as relevant. These materials build on the free ones available here to help you learn to maintain your high-performance but often finicky, sensitive body.  


About those herbs: they come in one of two forms: raw (most potent, more work) or granulated (slower, easier). And often a tincture (liquid extract) as well. Usually we start with 2-3 weeks worth, enough time for you to note a real difference in your symptoms. On the off-chance the formula wasn't a good fit (this is uncommon, but it happens), at least we didn't give you 6 months' worth. 

After about 3 weeks (a little less if you opted for raw herbs, a little more if you opted for granulated; the timing also depends on your condition) we have our first follow-up session. This call is shorter, about 25 minutes. We go over what's changed, what seems to be working, what's not. I adjust your formula and send more herbs. Often we have the confidence by this point to give you a longer-lasting supply, up to 5 or 6 weeks' worth if doing granules.


By this this point, you may feel complete--you've gotten what you came for. More often, this is the point where you're noting significant progress and want to see the process through. It all depends on whether you're deeply depleted, or working with a seriously out-of-whack condition, or what. If there is indeed more work to be done, we continue with follow-up appointments at increasing intervals--every month, every two months, every 3-6 months. It may be the case that there's good reason to continue on a formula long-term, in which case we'll most likely switch to granules if we haven't already for ease of use. 

My goal with each patient is to make myself obsolete.


Eventually you won't need me anymore, or will drop in once a blue moon for a check-in and tune-up. Some would say this isn't a good business model, but I trust that satisfied patients will spread the good word. And hey, maybe some of you will have discovered that you get a lot out of my mantic arts offerings, which are good for shedding light at a crossroads and helping you make sound decisions. (They also happen to be pretty fun.) 

Getting Started

Scheduling is via email: You can also text 917.257.8663. 


Initial Consult: $120-150 sliding scale (pay what you will within this range)

Includes 45 minute consult and individualized recommendations. Cost of herbal formula not included; herbs generally cost an additional $35-70 depending on your condition. 

Follow-Up Consult: $70-100 sliding scale.

Again, not including herbs. Longer-term granulated formulas often cost in the neighborhood of $15-25/week. 

No-Risk Policy

If you're a self-identified sensitive person (a veritable delicate bookworm), and you've been following the dietary recommendations to a reasonable degree, then if you don't detect notable progress after completing the first round of herbs, you're entitled to a full refund of the Initial Consult fee. I'll even pay for your herbs.

Intake documents for new patients: 


  * Intake and Health History

  * Consent to Treatment

Please complete these one-time Intake and Consent to Treatment forms at least 24 hours in advance of our scheduled initial consult. All of your health information is strictly confidential.


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