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Clinic Info



Acupuncture and in-person services are available at

The Wellness Alliance, 302 W. Weaver St

Carrboro, NC

Remote herbal consultations are also available via teleconference. 



Scheduling link for all sessions: 

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                 Conditions Treated

Conditions treated include but are not limited to: 

   Digestive disorders

   Anxiety and psycho-emotional disorders


   Chronic pain (non-orthopedic) 

   Menstrual disorders

    Cancer (adjunctive therapy) 

   Acute and chronic respiratory conditions

   Urogenital disease

   ED and male reproductive concerns

   Fatigue and Post-Viral Syndromes



For current rates, see scheduling page at 

Please enquire if you are in need of a discounted rate. We do our best to accommodate folks in a variety of financial circumstances. 



email: after checking the FAQ.  

Healing hands performing gentle abdominal palpation
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