"Jonathan is truly a gifted healer. He is wise, compassionate and skilled. His practice is deep and unique and he has a great command of many healing modalities. If you have the chance to work with Jonathan it is a special gift and not to be missed. He will create a plan for you and walk along side you on your journey to a deeper and radiant health. I feel grateful to be under Jonathan’s care and treatment."


"After two acupuncture/herbal sessions my digestion and sleep have improved enormously. I also feel more calm, clear and balanced. I strongly recommend the experience!"

"I cannot believe it I am getting deep rest, feeling passion ignite for my dreams and the will and excited about the future it’s been magic! I also feel less scattered and more stable and upright with clear direction less anxiety."

"Jonathan is one of the kindest, most patient and down to earth practitioners I have worked with. With his guidance, I have experienced incredible transformations regarding my physical and mental health, specifically with digestive issues, anxiety and insomnia." 

"For the first time in over 20 years I had the smoothest period. No cramping, bloating, or tired feelings. In fact I felt energized and wonderful. Working with him over the past few months, I communicated what was shifting and what was not.  Jonathan listened and created an herbal formula specific to my needs. I am very grateful."

"Jonathan has been one of my partners in healing for over 3 years. Using Herbs, I Ching, and Ancestrial Work I am able to see the larger picture of my journey, gain better perspective and improve on a deep level. I regard him as a true plant whisperer.  He will continue to be a part of my journey as I am extremely blessed the spirits bought us together." ​

"Jonathan helped me heal from years of chronic digestion problems. After trying everything from antibiotics, to cleanses, to alternative diets, it wasn't until I found Jonathan's holistic counsel that I began to truly heal. His unique integration of Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western herbalism alongside divination wisdom was exactly the holistic approach I needed. He is an incredibly gifted, intuitive, and articulate practitioner who empowered me to heal myself. If you are looking for a highly knowledgeable, yet spiritually intuitive healer, I highly recommend his services." ​