In addition to our custom formulations (available by consultation only), an array of herbal tinctures, salves, natural perfumes and incense blends are available at our Sattva Apothecary shop on Etsy. 



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Himāli  ~  An evergreen-based incense inspired by the Juniper burnt for purification throughout the Himalaya. Himāli cuts through fog and heaviness, cleansing the environment without and within. 

                                    with Juniper berry, leaf and wood, and Pine resin

                                                     Essential Quality: Purity                                                 



Terra  ~  Earthy and grounding, Terra’s warm aroma evokes a powerful sense of safety. Useful whenever grounding and nourishment are in order.  

with Cedarwood, Vietnam Cinnamon and Costus

                                                    Essential Quality: Rootedness                                



Gyān  ~ A balanced, meditative, Old World-style blend for creating sacred space and enhancing spiritual practice. Calming yet uplifting with Frankincense resin, Gyan evokes an ancient Mediterranean church.  

                                  with Eastern Red Cedar, Frankincense and Rosemary

                                                Essential Quality: Alignment                                          



Clareia ~  Sweet, light and uplifting, Clareia features sustainably-harvested Palo Santo resin in conjunction with cleansing and sanctifying herbs. A generous, heady, magical blend that activates the higher centers. 

with Palo Santo resin, Lavender,  Rosemary, Frankincense, Benzoin and/or Breu Claro

                                                Essential Quality: Inspiration                                          


Magi ~ A royal, resin-rich sister to Gyan inspired by the gifts of the three wise men, Magi features frankincense, myrrh and “gold” in the form of top-grade Afghan saffron. Sunny and juicy with distinct citrus notes.

                with Frankincense, Sweet Myrrh, Saffron, Cedar and Galangal

Essential Quality: Wisdom                                                


Heartwood  ~  A balm for heart and mind, Heartwood eases tension and invites us home to the heart. Useful in trauma recovery and anxiety, or any time a steady, sweet, soothing presence is called for. 

                                         with Sandalwood, Cedar, Red Oak, Kua and Rose 

                                                    Essential Quality: Peace                                                



Norbu ~   A complex therapeutic blend inspired by the Tibetan incense-making tradition, Norbu helps balance the humors and inner winds. Delicately scented and beguiling, Norbu is suitable for use in many kinds of healing work.

with 20+ ingredients including Chebulic myrobalan, clove, cultivated agarwood, sustainable sandalwood, pine sap, benzoin and costus 

                           Essential Quality: Health                                                   



Eros   ~  Rich with a luxurious portion of precious, high-grade agarwood, this deep, ruby incense spells love. Designed especially for those pursuing sensuality as devotional practice. Use with intent--and consent!

        with cultivated Agarwood, Red Sandal, Rose, Honey, Vanilla and Spices

                                                Essential Quality: Divine Love                                 



Sampler ~ Two mini-cones of each of the eight blends in a marked, divided hinge-top tin