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Harmonize the Inner Landscape

Navigate Change with Grace

"Jonathan is truly a gifted healer: wise, compassionate and skilled. His practice is deep and unique and he has a great command of many healing modalities. If you have the chance to work with Jonathan it is a special gift and not to be missed. He will create a plan for you and walk along side you on your journey to a deeper and radiant health. I feel grateful to be under Jonathan’s care and treatment." -S.L.

Jonathan Hadas Edwards, LAc.

Jonathan H Edwards, LAc. has over a decade experience in Asian medicine and wisdom traditions. His training encompasses, acupuncture, herbalism, jyotisha and I Ching (among other modalities). He's passionate about helping people to find better health naturally and to navigate change with grace. 


He serves the North Carolina Triangle from his office in Carrboro, NC and works with remote clients across the US and the globe.  

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"Jonathan is one of the kindest, most patient and down to earth practitioners I have worked with. With his guidance, I have experienced incredible transformations regarding my physical and mental health, specifically with digestive issues, anxiety and insomnia." 

Humane Medicine with Deep Roots

Before fragmentation and hyper-specialization, medicine was recognized to be as much art as science. Traditional physicians were expected to study broadly and deeply, developing themselves as scholars and as artists as part of their self-cultivation.  

Something profound is lost when we isolate medicine from its sister arts and sciences. 

Jonathan H Edwards' work aims toward helping re-integrate medicine with other vital human endeavors, including writing and the stories we tell about ourselves and the world. It all starts in the clinic. 

See Seeds from the World Tree on Substack for current writings on medicine, cosmology and culture. 

The forest canopy: plants are healers

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