Helping delicate flowers and sensitive bookworms solve anxiety and belly woes so they can show up fully and give their gifts to the world.

Insomnia, chronic fatigue, seasonal illness and menstrual issues are other common complaints we treat. 

Healing is a journey you don't have walk alone

An All-Too-Common Story

The doctors have told you it's all in your head, or ordered lab tests with inconclusive results. The medications you've tried haven't gotten to the root or have caused side effects. Reluctantly, you've learned to live with insomnia and chronic fatigue, or troubling digestive issues and food sensitivities.


Mood struggles, painful periods, post-viral malaise...the list goes on.  

You sense that better health is possible, but have been unsure where to turn. 


Our approach is solidly grounded in the time-honored principles and techniques of Traditional East Asian Medicine: acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion and cupping. Through these methods, we tend to you as a whole: body, mind, heart and soul. 

We listen deeply and take your lived experience seriously, no matter how strange you fear it might sound. Then we work to rectify imbalances, tune up your system, and develop a care plan. 

Some patients experience profound shifts in a single session, while for others the benefits accrue over weeks and months.


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