I help sensitive folks feel more vital

so they can enjoy the play of life.

Sensitivity is a superpower--but it's also a double-edged sword. Many artistic and sensitive people struggle with living in a body, period.  If you tend towards a "delicate flower" constitution, then you may be familiar with some of these struggles:

   -anxiety and trouble staying grounded

   -digestive/assimilation issues; trouble feeling nourished

   -unstable mood 


   -lack of confidence

   -menstrual irregularities

   -difficulties with libido or potency

   -dryness, declining vitality and bone density (especially in women over 50)

   -frustration at the limitations your body presents, when you know you're capable of incredible things 

Sound familiar? If so, we may be a good fit to work together. 

Employing wisdom and strategies from Traditional East Asian Medicine and Ayurveda, I help bring out the best in you and your constitution. We’ll work to nourish what is depleted, warm what’s cold and build up what's thin in order to bring you to a level of vitality you may have forgotten was possible--or never known at all.  

Why sensitive folks?

Knowing that my training is broadly applicable, for years I have worked with all kinds of people. But over time I noticed that my very best results were often with sensitive folks--maybe because I know what's it's like to be one. My own health struggles were what spurred me, over the course of the last 13 years, to go deep with Asian medicine traditions, becoming trained and licensed so that I could bring the profound wisdom of these approaches to others. (More on my background here.

I work with people remotely as well as those local to the NC Triangle and Triad areas. My primary tools are real herbal medicine, educational counseling, dietary therapy (nothing draconian) and, for in-person clients, acupuncture. How does the process work? Read more here

I also help overwhelmed dreamers make sound decisions. 

Through the art of eliciting meaningful chance through a process called divination. This is not fortune-telling; it's more about understanding the present than predicting the future. If you've experienced it, you probably said "I don't know how, but that worked."


My readings reliably shed light on life's crossroads, bringing much-needed clarity and perspective. They're also pretty fun much of the time. More here


"Walk not in the footsteps of the masters of old; rather, seek what they sought."        - Matsuo Basho