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Jonathan H Edwards, LAc. is a state-licensed acupuncturist and herbalist working in Carrboro, NC and remotely. His approach is solidly grounded in the time-honored principles and techniques of Traditional East Asian Medicine.


His clinical focus is on anxiety and insomnia, digestive conditions, women's and men's health (also warmly welcoming gender-non-conforming patients). He also treats acute seasonal and respiratory illness and some kinds of chronic pain. 

Jonathan has affinity for working with sensitive and creative types and a knack for helping patients feel more grounded and confident in the world. He brings to the clinic good hands, a deep knowledge of herbal medicine, intuitive skills and a deep listening capacity.  


Learn more about his way of working via the FAQ


A Too-Common Story

Have doctors told you it's all in your head? Have lab results been inconclusive, and medications failed to worked as hoped?


Too many have learned to live with resolvable insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues and chronic pain. 

Better Health is Within Reach

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