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Mantic Arts & Divination
Shedding Light on Life's Crossroads

As a recovering materialist, I sympathize with those who recoil at the word "divination." I get it. Yet my finding over decades of exploration is that these methods work: they shed light on the questions that haunt us--or those we may have "lacked the wit to ask" (per poet James Merrill). 

See the blog for ruminations as to how/why divination--a.k.a. the art of provoking an omen--works (spoiler alert: the universe is alive and consciousness not limited to these oversize heads of ours). 

This page is dedicated to the actual practice of divination, a passion of mine for the last 12+ years, through mantic techniques such as the I Ching, letter-runes, the Mahjjong oracle, and sortilege methods. 

Readings are available remotely as well as in person.

Fee schedule:

Mini-reading ~ $75

A focused inquiry, ,revolving around single, uncomplicated question.  

Full Reading ~ $120

A more comprehensive look at what's alive for the client, including overall auspices for a given topic, obstacles, keys to success, and likely outcome. 

In-Depth Reading ~ $180

A detailed dive into multiple layers and aspects of a situation. Appropriate for those seeking perspective on their unique gifts and challenges, and how these may impact their life path. 

What we are doing here is so important, we better not take it too seriously!

             -Suzuki Roshi

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